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Michelin X-Light Tubeless Trials Tyres - Front & Rear

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Michelin Trial X-Light Trial Rear Tyre - 275/21 + 400/18 Trials X Light Tyres (tubeless)

The Michelin Trial X-Light Trial Tyre is a  tyre designed for either leisure, practice or even competitions. but has the additional bonus of being a road legal tyre.

The Michelin Trial X-Light Trial Tyre are a great tyre designed for performance riding. Used by Professional's and Amateur's alike, this tyre features light weight technology that allows for enhancing maneuverability. 

Michelin Trial X-Light Trial Rear Tyre features

  • Winner of the 2012 World Trials Championship Indoor and Outdoor with Tony Bou for the 6th consecutive year
  • It's light weight facilitates sideways maneauvering and jumping
  • Literally hugs obstacles and rocks thanks to it's Maximized Contact Patch casing
  • The Michelin Trial Light (Front & Rear) is Six Percent (6%) lighter than the Michelin Trial Competition (Front & Rear).