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Acerbis X-Power KTM Engine Cover Kit - Orange

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Acerbis X-Power KTM Engine Cover Kit in Orange - Motocross & Enduro Plastics

Introducing the Acerbis X-Power Engine Cover - Motor Crankcase and Ignition/Clutch covers that protect against wear from boots, impacts, dirt, mud, and other debris.

Acerbis X-Power KTM Engine Cover Kit features:

  • Right side: provides protection for the clutch cover, water pump, and lower casing 
  • Left side: provides protection to the ignition cover and clutch actuator 
  • Molded openings to access the filter cover and oil cap 
  • Easy to install by utilizing the original crankcase and ignition/clutch cover bolts
  • Resistant to high temperatures.
  • Designed not to interfere with boots 
  • Compatible with ACERBIS skid plates