Sidi Xtreme Black/Black

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Sidi Xtreme Boots - Black

  • High spec, lightweight off road boots
  • Technomicro microfibre upper
  • Cambrelle® and 3D air Teflon mesh liner
  • Suede anti-slip heat shield
  • Extensive TPU protection
  • Internal toe and heel protection
  • Vertebra TPU exoskeleton
  • Cam-lock buckles
  • Nylon reinforced stitched rubber sole
  • Dual recessed stitching

The Sidi Xtreme boots are high quality, lightweight off road boots with outstanding value for money. Now, more off road riders can benefit from Sidi's impeccable quality and design, with this mid range younger sibling to the pro-level Crossfire 2 boots. The Xtreme boots are flexible but tough, comfortable enough to ride in all day, and ready from the box for ADV, cross country and MX competition.

Technomicro microfibre has been used for the exterior of the Xtreme boots. This durable and abrasion-resistant material will stand up to the toughest terrain, with less imperfections than leather and more breathability. The large suede panel on the inner leg provides a huge area of grippy contact with the bike, whilst shielding the rider from excessive heat.

The rest of the boot is covered in rigid, shock-resistant TPU for maximum protection. An MX rider's feet go through a lot, so Sidi have ensured that the Xtreme boots keep them as safe as possible. The ankles, toe area and the top of the foot are protected by wraparound TPU, and the shins are guarded by front and back TPU plates. The PU heel cup is anatomically shaped, slimmer than other Sidi boots for better gear change contact.

All of this protection would suggest a rigid, inflexible boot - far from it. Sidi have also focused on flexibility, with an external Vertebra system with a lightweight ankle hinge: this allows natural movement of the foot, whilst preventing hyper-flexion and hyper-extension in an accident. Weight has been shaved off where possible, making the Xtreme boots easy to walk in and reducing fatigue on long rides.

The Sidi Xtreme SRS boots are aimed at long-term comfort, especially when riding hard and for long distances. Sidi have used a 3D air Teflon mesh liner, which has a honeycomb structure to trap cool air between the skin and the boot. This is complemented by a Cambrelle® liner around the shin, which wicks moisture and sweat away to keep the inside of the boot fresh and dry.

Sidi's top end cam-lock buckles are a real gift to the Xtreme boots, with a durable aluminium mechanism for long-lasting accurate retention. The cam-lock buckles can be set at exactly the right position when they first come out of the box. The buckles then 'remember' their position, for quick and easy operation which ensures the perfect fit. These buckles are protected by wraparound TPU, which anchors them to the boots and protects the side of the foot in an off.

Dual recessed stitching further improves these boots' durability, ensuring that they won't fall apart under pressure. Even heavy grazing won't pull or snag the stitching. Thedurable rubber sole is reinforced with Nylon for rigidity. The Xtreme boots are designed to last for as many races, adventures and muddy weekends as the rider can handle - they're not just a pair of boots, they're an investment.