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Oakley Airbrake Low Light Roll Off Goggle - Matt Black

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Oakley Airbrake Low Light Roll Off Goggle - Matt Black

Oakley pleased to announce the launch of the Oakley Airbrake

The culmination of 35 years of MX goggle evolution, Oakley Airbrake™ MX is a true landmark of technology that will render ordinary goggles obsolete. Forget any notion of what defines high performance. Not since the early days of motocross has a single goggle design brought so much innovation. Essential gear for anyone who rides for glory, rides for sport or just rides, the Oakley Airbrake MX goggle is the new standard of protection, clarity, comfort and convenience.

This is the first ever MX goggle with a lens made of Plutonite, the same premium material that shields the eyes of pro athletes who depend on Oakley eyewear. The durability and impact resistance of this unique synthetic has been proven by those who cannot compromise on protection. The ultimate evolution is the inclusion of Oakley’s patented Switchlock Technology. Riders can take advantage of a comprehensive array of premium Oakley lenses and, with the flick of a switch, can swap the lens to match the riding conditions.