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Honda TRX 450R 2012-2013 TRX 450ER Quad 2008-2009 Stage 3 Camshaft

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Stage 3: single-cam motor. Significantly more top-end power than Stage 2. Will work well for Supermoto and big bore/strokers. Uses stock auto-decompression mechanism. Uses stock valve springs. HOT CAMS PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS ARE DESIGNED, DYNO PROVEN AND MANUFACTURED IN THE USA. HOT CAMS ARE ONE OF THE MOST ECONOMICAL, REALIABLE AND EASY WAYS TO ADD 5-10% POWER TO YOUR DIRTBIKE/ATV. *CNC MACHINED FOR EXACT FIT AND LOBE PROFILE *CREATED FROM 8620, BILLET, CASE-HARDENED STEEL *ENGINEERED USING STATE OF THE ART VALVETRAIN SOFTWARE *ENGINEERED TO BE DROP IN CAMS THAT USE STOCK SPRINGS Exhaust Duration (Degrees at 1mm): 246.00 Exhaust Lift (mm): 9.00 Exhaust Lobe Center (Degrees): 107.00 Exhaust Valve Lash (mm): .15 Intake Duration (Degrees at 1mm): 246.00 Intake Lift (mm): 9.00 Intake Lobe Center (Degrees): 106.00 Intake Valve Lash (mm): .13