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Dunlop D952 Tyre - 1 Front & 2 Rears

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Dunlop D952 Rear Tyre - Dunlop Motocross Tyres -  1 x Front and 2 x Rear Tyres

Dunlop knows it’s not just the hardcore adrenaline junkies who like to hit the rough stuff. With that in mind, they’re proud to introduce the D952, a new off-road tyre specifically designed for recreationally minded off-road enthusiasts. If you enjoy getting out off-road and need a tyre that will work across all sorts of terrains without breaking the bank then the D952 is perfect for you.

The D952 range will satisfy the demands of those who like to get out there at the weekends for fun but aren’t looking for a hardcore race tyre that needs changing frequently. Designed to give superb value, the D952 is a tyre that works hard across the largest usage spectrum from mud to hard parked dirt and lasts the course.

Off-road riding can present deep ruts of a motocross circuit, powdery sand of a beach race to rocky riverbeds and steep forest climbs. It is all about getting across the finish safely and preferably in first. So fit a Dunlop Motocross Tyre!.

Dunlop D952 Tyre features:

  • The Dunlop D952 is a value-priced off-road tyre designed to deliver good grip and excellent durability in a wide variety of terrain and conditions
  • The D952 boasts high-durability construction for long wear and great traction.
  • All-new compound for extraordinary grip and durability.
  • Designed to work across a wide variety of terrain.
  • High durability construction for long wear and great traction.
  • Patterned after the popular D752 tyre, modified for outstanding durability.