Alpinestars A8 BNS Chest Protector - White Red

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2012 Alpinestars A8 BNS Chest Protector - White Red

Specifically designed to work with the Bionic BNS Neck Brace

An innovative fusion of advanced design methods and high-tech materials ensures that Alpinestars A-8 Protection Vest offers the off-road rider unrivalled upper-body security in a streamlined, ultra-lightweight protector that can be optimized for various riding conditions and requirements. 
Alpinestars A8 Chest Protector Features:
  • Attains the highest level of protection in terms of CE standards (1621-2 level 2 and 14021) using a newly developed, super-light Vaco12 structure in the back protector and high-performing EVA foam on the lateral and chest protectors.
  • Close fitting design allows the armor to be used over or under a jersey.
  • Constructed of extremely tough Thermo PU and Polypropylene, super-lightweight mesh backed by soft, washable Biofoam.
  • Large, lateral protectors closely yet comfortably conform to the body.
  • Designed to integrate with Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support.
  • Semi-rigid TPU/PP plates allow the protector to fit close to body and follow the body’s motion to ensure optimal protection at all times.
  • Intake and Exhaust vents combine with perforated panels to greatly enhance airflow.
  • Adjustable lateral and chest straps for a superior fit.
  • Removable shoulder and upper arm guards.