Akrapovic Exhaust System - Husqvarna SMR 449/511 TXC 511 11 ->

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Akrapovic Exhaust System - Husqvarna SMR 449/511 TXC 511  11->


The Akrapovic philosophy is to be the best and to constantly innovate, their R&D department and skilled craftsmen are always striving for perfection. Their use of exotic materials like carbon-fibre, titanium, stainless steel and inconel, coupled with investment in industry leading manufacturing techniques such as tube extrusion, CNC bending, and hydro-forming ensure that all Akrapovic products live up to the quality expected and demanded at the highest level.
'Evolution' (Titanium Headers) Full Systems 
Akrapovic Evolution systems are more widely used by top-level professional riders than any other exhaust brand. Evolution systems are constructed from special Grade 3 Titanium alloy, which is ultra light and strong. Like the Racing line, Evolution systems often have tapered headers and a patented additional chamber helps to reduce noise and to promote bottom end & mid-range in addition to peak power. 
For the latest models, Akrapovic's new design muffler, with its titanium sleeve and finished with fluted titanium end cap looks exceptional when fitted to a modern off road motorcycle. All Racing systems / silencers are supplied with a springs and all necessary mounting hardware
Evolution systems are designed for two markets; in the US they are available with an approved spark arrester, and for the EU they come with a removable noise damper to comply with the latest noise regulations.
These systems are as good as it gets and what is available "Over the counter" is identical to the Factory Riders' exhausts - What they ride you can get!
  • FIM / AMA / ACU / AMCA Noise Legal (2 metre max test compliant)
  • Major Improvement In Power And Torque 
  • Huge Weight Saving
  • High Quality Exotic Materials
  • Deep Sound With Removable Noise Insert
  • Precision Workmanship 
  • Easy To Fit And Built To Last
  • Full Titanium Eveolution 1-1 Conical


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