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Acerbis Honda X-Grip Frame Guards CRF - White

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Acerbis Plastics - Honda X-Grip Frame Guards in White for Honda CRF's

Acerbis produce the best quality aftermarket plastics in the world, Made in Italy since 1973!. The X-Grip Frame covers to fit the Honda CRF 250 (14-Current) and CRF 450 (13-Current) models and helps protect the frame in the areas exposed to aggressive wear. Acerbis use an injected rubber to increase grip and control of the bike.

The Acerbis X-Grip frame guard serves a dual purpose. First, it allows the rider to protect the frame of the motorcycle from wear. As a frame protector, it keeps the bike in better condition over time. But the genius of the Acerbis X-Grip frame guard comes in adding a second purpose: grip. That's right; not only does the X-Grip serve as an excellent frame protector, it also makes it easier for a rider to hang on to the bike. As the name implies, it’s a frame guard that adds more grip for the rider.

The Acerbis X-Grip frame guard is made from a dual-injected mould, and that's where the key is. The outer plastic is durable polycarbonate - that's what allows it to serve as an excellent frame guard. Meanwhile, the inner plastic is much more pliable (though still durable), and this is the piece that offers the incredible grip. Together, they create a frame guard that will make both bike and rider happy.

Honda X-Grip Frame Guard features:

  • You can easily mount the Acerbis X-Grip frame covers to the motocross bike through the supplied fasteners.
  • Helps protect the frame in the areas exposed to aggressive wear.
  • Designed specifically to fit your model of bike.
  • Keep your motocross bike looking neat and tidy with the awesome looking Acerbis frame guards.
  • Acerbis plastics are used by many teams across the globe.
  • Offers incredible grip.
  • Sold as a pair.