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2018 Shoei VFX-WR Helmet - Grant3 Black Blue TC2

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2018 Shoei VFX-WR Helmet - Grant3 Black Blue TC2 - Shoei Motocross Enduro Helmets

Get ready for the Evolution of an Icon, the all-new Shoei VFX-WR Helmet, the next iteration of the popular VFX-W. The VFX-WR's liner incorporates the unique M.E.D.S. (Motion Energy Distribution System), a specially inserted module of the EPS liner designed to absorb sudden impacts by reducing rotational acceleration to the head in the event of a crash.
Shoei's in-house testing showed rotational energy to be reduced by 15% in comparison to that of the VFX-W off-road helmet. The shell is constructed with high performance AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-fibre), a combination of fibreglass and organic fibres. The result is a rigid, ultra-lightweight, yet elastic structure.
Shoei VFX-WR Helmet Features 
The mud guard is specially shaped so as not to interfere with the wearing of goggles. Dedicated plastic tabs help hold the mud guard firmly in place during serious off-road riding conditions. The braced nose cover has been designed to improve safety: it features mesh to filter dirt and dust, and aluminum mesh to prevent roost from entering the mouth and is easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.
The VFX-WR's newly-designed, adjustable peak designates the top position on the helmet as default, based on the preference of many top-ranked riders. A straight line is formed from the visor top to the helmet shell to ensure upward visibility. The adjustment system is facilitated with a special screw fixing nut, installed beneath the upper center of the visor, holding it firmly in place and keeping the nut from coming loose and falling into the helmet.
Shoei VFX-WR Helmet Features
Shoei's VFX-series has been leading the off road helmet industry with it's bold, innovative design and exceptional safety features for years - with the introduction of the new VFX-WR, the bar has once again been raised for what is considered to be premium head safety. 
Shoei VFX-WR Helmet Features

Shoei VFX-WR Motocross Helmet features:


  • Shell in AIM +
  • Organic fibre, multi-composite and high performance fibre in various layers for a shock-absorbant shell with optimum rigidity
  • M.E.D.S (Motion Energy Distribution System)
  • Additional layer of EPS liner reduces rotational acceleration energy to the head in the event of an accident
  • 3 Piece EPS liner system
  • Optimized protection through EPS elements with different shock-absorbing levels
  • E.Q.R.S (Emergency Quick Release System)
  • Simplifies helmet removal by removing the cheek pads in the event of an accident.


  • Multiple venting and extraction - For optimum ventilation, even in the hottest racing situations
  • Several intake vents on the brow and upper head areas for fresh air intak
  • Multiple outlet vents in the spoiler and on the neck to exhaust warm air


  • Special shell construction
  • Raidcal sporty design with integrated spoilers for optimized aerodynamics and performance
  • Fully Integrated Peak 
  • Seamless connection between shell and peak
  • Aggrerssively shaped face guard for reduced drag

Shoei VFX-WR  Helmet Wearing Comfort:

  • 4 Different shell sizes
  • Detachable and washable 3D max-dry cheek pads and centre Pad
  • Breathable and moisture absorbent
  • For ease of cleaning and perfect fit

Shoei VFX-WR  Helmet Accessories:

  • 3D Cheek Pads
  • Peak
  • Chinstrap Cover
  • Nose Cover
  • Centre pad
  • Original Shoei helmet bag