2017 Atlas Broll Kids Motocross Neck Brace - Inferno

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Introducing the Broll Neck Brace a marriage of a neck brace and neck roll, we developed an entirely new product. Introducing the newest member of our brace family, the Broll. First timers and young children are developing skills faster than ever, and with that they are experiencing extreme risks even at a very young age. Since these risks are ever increasing, we decided to build a product that can help keep them protected, but has been specifcally designed for the lower level impact forces they encounter, along with ease of use across various sports like motocross, downhill mountain biking, bmx, etc.

Creating a hybrid device doesn’t mean sacrifces have to be made. The Broll is crafted out of our fexible and unbreakable High Impact Polypropylene, along with new lightweight and super tough injection molded padding. Features include 8mm of chest size adjustment, dual back supports that sit around the spine and fold for storage, custom designed and cnc machined Aluminum axles, colorful padding, and large surfaces that easily accept custom graphics.

Light weight design, comfort, and flexibility all add up to an experience that mimics the feeling of not wearing a brace at all. This advantage helps translate all your focus and energy into what matters… Speed. Worn by some of the greatest riders on the planet such as Ryan Villopoto, you know you're safe wearing Atlas.

The sizing for each Atlas Brace™ is based on chest circumference (distance around the chest, measured high on the chest, just under the arms). The sizing is as follows:

  • Broll 21” - 25” (53cm - 63 cm)
  • Broll Neck Brace
  • Chest strap
  • Quickstart guide
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Size tape measure

Meet the Broll. The newest member of our family.

The Broll is a marriage of a neck brace and a neck roll. It takes the structural mid and back end of a neck brace and combines it with tough but comfortable padding to round out the front. This collaboration results in the perfect safety device for small children who are starting to take the risks that make mum concerned.

Ready to Broll.

Our children may be young and small, but they are taking bigger risks than ever. But the new Atlas Broll is ready for everything your little dare devil can throw at it, and more. By sizing the Broll slightly smaller than our Tyke brace, it caters to the youngest children just getting into extreme sports, and it works great with other body protection items.

Featherweight. Just like Junior.

The Broll is incredibly light - only 375g. In order for your little pride and joy to feel comfortable in a safety product, it had to be this weightless. This unnoticeable. And this easy to use.

Small size. Big features.

We set out to make a truly great kids product, and stripping the product of features wasn’t part of that mission. The Broll includes features we pioneered for the rest of our brace family like Spine Free back supports that fold for storage, Jr Smart Mounts for adjustment, CNC machined aluminum rear axles, Jr Easy Open system, and high performance waterproof padding in vibrant colours. This isn’t your average kids product.

Tailored for personality.

Colour is used for self expression. It’s used to define a look, or even a personality. We recognize that kids want to express themselves, and the Broll gives them that option. The Broll is available in colors ranging from subtle to wild, and also leaves the door open for custom graphics. The possibilities, and personalities, are endless.


Hybrid Construction

  • Combining tough, durable foam with our hi impact polymer allows for better impact force distribution specifcally designed for low level impacts.

Jr Easy Open

  • Jr Easy Open system allows for quick, repeatable entry and exit with a simple hook and look strap.

Jr Smart Mounts

  • Hidden inside the mounting area are dual mounting holes to allow for 8mm of adjustment. Simply remove each axle & switch holes to adjust.

Low Level Impacts

  • Tough foam front construction is perfect for the low level impacts that young children experience, and provides excellent comfort during use.

Coloured Padding

  • Vibrant new padding colours are a perfect ft for any personality.

Spine Free

  • Dual folding back supports increase contact with the body, and avoid your spine by sitting on the surrounding muscles.

Soft Sternum

  • Durable foam padding provides a cushioned force absorption system to protect your child from blunt helmet impacts and over extension of the neck.

Chest Strap

  • A simple chest strap system is included to help fasten the Broll to your body.

Feather Weight

  • Only 0.8 lbs (375 g) The most amazing thing about wearing it is that you forget you’re wearing it.

Surface Area

  • By sitting on more of the body than the competition, comfort is maximized, and forces are distributed more efficiently over the body.