2016 Leatt GPX 6.5 Neck Brace - Carbon Black

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2016 Leatt GPX 6.5 - Leatt Motocross Neck Brace - Carbon Black

Based on the popular Pro Lite and 5.5 neck braces comes the new full carbon fibre 6.5. The 6.5 is Leatt's lightest, most ventilated and lowest profile neck brace. The Leatt® 6.5 from the biomedical engineers and medical staff of the Leatt® research labs is their new neck brace for 2015. Leatt® has been among the most influential innovators when it comes to neck brace protection for the moto crowd.

Since they created their first brace (and the market) in the early 2000s, they haven't stopped evolving, as they're constantly trying to find ways to improve their namesake brace. That brings us to the latest goodie from them that recently landed in our hands, the latest high-end carbon fibre version, the GPX 6.5.

2016 Leatt GPX 6.5 Neck Brace features:

  • New MaxiWeave Carbon matrix for increased rigidity and lower weight.
  • Engineered by a medical doctor and Bio Medical engineers and tested by some of the fastest bicycle and motorcycle racers in the world.
  • Totally new chassis design made of fiberglass reinforced polyamide.
  • New helmet rim striking platform for increased head and helmet freedom of motion.
  • 5 way adjustability.
  • Sliding front and rear SureFit adjusters to ensure optimum fit.
  • 4 angle rear thoracic strut adjustments fits more body shapes.
  • Adjustable over the shoulder height for optimizing freedom of motion for different neck lengths and helmet rim profiles
  • Sculptured, split front for improved comfort and fit.
  • New and improved, CoreFlex split rear thoracic strut is more comfortable and designed to work with the body’s natural movements.
  • Thoracic rear strut is engineered to snap off before applying excessive pressure to the back.
  • New and improved low profile open / close system incorporating a spring loaded push-button.
  • Easy to use emergency release mechanism for injured riders.
  • Engineered collarbone cutout to help keep your helmet and brace away from your most fragile bones.
  • Injected foam padding on upper surface is more durable, easier to clean and designed to accommodate custom sticker kits.
  • Air flow ribs in the padding ensure optimum ventilation.
  • Folding rear thoracic strut for easier packing.
  • Free, optional, clear chest strap included.
  • CE certified as Personal Protective Equipment 89/686/EEC.
  • New on board 4-angle rear thoracic adjustment.- 0, 5 and 10°.

Leatt GPX 6.5 Neck Brace Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: Lightweight Only +600 grams
  • Adjustability: 5 Way adjustability
  • Construction: Nylon