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Cycra ProBend CRM Handguards - Yellow

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Cycra ProBend CRM Handguards in Yellow - Motocross & Enduro Handguards


The Cycra ProBend CRM Handguards are a low profile handguard that offers extreme protection to yours hands, The Probend patent design has been the handguard  known to be the original barbuster, with its pro bend shape it allows your wrist to exit out the side without causing injury to your hand or wrist. 

Cycra ProBend CRM Handguard features:

  • Revolutionary Patent Pending Design
  • Trademark Probend Shape
  • Replaceable integrated plastic abrasion guard
  • Center Reach Clamps provide maximum bite to secure handguards and allows for superior clearance on a wide range of bars
  • Powergrip alloy bar ends fit either standard 7/8" (22mm) or oversized fatbars (28mm)